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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Fact or Myth:

Fact or Myth :

The inversion therapy has been known for ages , it dates back to 400 BC as it was a way to heal back pain . And ever since , Doctors and scientists kept looking for ways to extend this therapy , and try it for other medical purposes .

And nowadays , aside from inserting it in some yoga exercises , the inversion method has been used as a way to help promoting hair growth , as laying your head upside down stimulates the hair follicles , thanks to the gravity making blood rush to your head .

The First Step :

You need to choose your oil ( you can pick any oil you like , preferably choose a natural cold pressed one) . For me personally , I tend to mix and match between several oils according to my hair needs . [ find out the best oil for your hair needs ] . Then I put the Oil in a bowl then I heat it in a double boiler for a couple of minutes , warm oil will help with the absorption of oils . Be careful to not overheat the oil . That can burn your scalp . 

The Second Step :

Now , You need to part your hair and start applying oil to your scalp , make sure to cover all your scalp , especially your problematic areas ( where you see hair thinning : hair line ... ) 
Use your finger tips or a wide tooth comb to spread the oil evenly .

The Third Step :

You need to tip your head upside down , I prefer to sit in a chair  while letting my hair hang , and I try to find the write angle to be comfortable .

You have to hold this position for 4mn , while massaging your scalp gently in circular motions , sit back up slowly so you don't feel dizzy .

Wrap your hair in a shower cap , and let leave the oil for at least 2h ( I like to leave it over night )

 The Fourth Step ( Final ! ) :

Wash your hair as usual , try not using natural shampoos to help cleaning your scalp while preserving it natural oils .

I find this method to be effective for stimulating hair growth , but I don't recommend it for long terms , you should use it once a month , so that your body doesn't get used to it .

 💥Do not use this method if you have health problems , If so , you should see your doctor for further information .

Ps: The products that I use aren't sponsored , I purchased them with my own money . You can order them from Oleic Bio .

Good bye guys 😍 See you in my next post XO 💗

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